imin believe that by changing the way the physical activity sector collaborates and shares data, it can get more people more active and put an end to the rising global physical inactivity epidemic.

In 2015, imin launched OpenActive to work together to create a standard way of openly sharing information about available activities and how to book them, in turn helping more people to get active. OpenActive is now funded by Sport England and coordinated by the Open Data Institute (ODI).

For operators, imin’s “middleware” platform integrates with your management system, making your activities searchable and bookable from any application, website or digital service.

imin aim to increase your reach and footfall by seamlessly connecting live information about your activities to the network of marketing partners, from established brands, startups and health campaigns, such as Decathlon, Lucozade Sport and Public Health England. It’s often free, and brands spend millions on marketing – which is why many operators are getting involved. imin work with you to ensure marketing partners are providing value (and not hurting the bottom line).

imin is also used to power two-click-booking timetables, easily embeddable anywhere on your website, directly connected to your LMS or CRM (so it always displays up to date information on classes, spaces left etc) especially useful now when most activities must be booked in advance. A free version of this timetable can be seen on the facility pages on the Community Active site.

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