Build a healthier community


The ‘BUILDING YOUR HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE’ campaign is a nationwide effort helping communities to take advantage of their local, Trust operated, leisure and cultural facilities.

Designed to champion the Trust sector and raise awareness of the leisure and culture facilities The campaign is powered by sector marketing specialists Bigwave, and supported by Community Leisure UK.

Through ongoing research and feedback from Community Leisure UK member Trusts across the UK, the concept has been developed and fine-tuned to motivate community members Build a, Happier, Healthier Lifestyle by experiencing the vast array of services available in their community from their local charitable trust.

The campaign represents a third national campaign since the start of COVID 19 to champion the benefits of being physically and mentally active. The continued effort seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of the trust model while supporting charitable trusts in their recovery and encouraging the public to return to trust-run facilities. 



“Following a challenging 18 months for public leisure and culture, our members are keen to offer a safe space for local communities to return to safely using Trusts facilities and services.

This campaign, designed by Bigwave Marketing, captures the key elements
of health and happiness that are at the forefront of our members’ work, and offers a clear message to share with their customers.”

Kirsty Cumming, Chief Executive, Community Leisure UK – BUILDING YOUR HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE CAMPAIGN

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