Aspire Sports and Cultural Trust
Basingstoke Sports Trust
Impulse Leisure (NPDO)
Inspiring Healthy Lifestyle Trust
Lincs Inspire Limited

Why Trusts?

Trusts are charities.

They operate your local facilities on a not-for-profit basis, reinvesting income back into your community. 

Leisure and Cultural Trusts & Charities operate all across the UK, offering a diverse range of facilities specifically for the benefit of the communities they serve. Often they manage facilities on behalf of your local authority – their partner.

Trusts & Charities offer Variety.

The types of facilities a Trust & Charity operates may range from swimming pools and gyms to art galleries and theatres.

There are many benefits to the Trust & charity model, but ultimately Trusts provide safe services to the local community to engage, support, grow and stimulate its residents.

Your trust & Charities need u!

Now more than ever, your local trust & charities need you!

If you are looking to get fit, live a healthier lifestyle or experience more culture, then choose a local trust or charity to support you. 

Jump in & discover what your trust or charity offers!

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