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Inspired To Try

Swim England, British Swimming, Scottish Swimming and Swim Wales are joining forces to promote the nationwide Inspired to Try campaign during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to help inspire the next generation to take up our fantastic aquatic sports. 

They will be using the achievements of our athletes to highlight the important role grassroots clubs have played in their development. The aim is to drive more participation into clubs and community venues across all aquatics sports.

Clubs and operators will signpost their customers to the various aquatic activities offered at their local centre, including: 

The abilities they offer – working to the following descriptions: 

  • Beginners: Those starting out on their aquatics journey. 
  • Juniors: Those with some club experience working towards low level competition. 
  • Seniors: Those with significant club training experience working towards competitive development

As well as the aquatic disciplines they offer – working to the following descriptions:

  • Swimming: Swimming is an individual or team racing sport that requires the use of one’s entire body to move through water using either butterfly, front crawl, backstroke or breaststroke.
  • Diving: Diving can be performed as an individual or as a pair and involves somersaults and twists from various heights of a platform or springboard.
  • Artistic Swimming: Artistic swimming can be performed as an individual, duet or team. Each routine is made up of athletic movements performed in water and choreographed to music. 
  • Water Polo: Water polo is a team sport. There are goals at each end of the pool and the winner of the game is the team that scores the most goals by getting the ball between the posts. 
  • Open Water: Open water swimming takes place anywhere that isn’t a swimming pool. This means no man-made sides and bottom, and no lane ropes or black lines to follow 
  • Para-Swimming: Para-swimming is a sport that has a function-based classification system designed to allow for fair competition in disability swimming. 
  • Masters: Masters Swimming is a class of competitive swimming for swimmers 24 years and older. 

If you are a local club or operator and would like to receive branded marketing materials, please contact your local officer at Swim England, Swim Wales or Scottish Swimming. 

Just some of what Inspired To Try is supporting!