We’re all in this together

‘We’re all in this together’ has certainly been a phrase that has been coined during lockdown and we have seen communities pulling together – whether it’s helping neighbours with shopping or just sharing a smile and a few words outside the front door when clapping for our NHS heroes.

Whilst it’s been an unsettling time, seeing the community pull together has been a positive – not to mention the increase in those taking part in exercise or discovering new passions for things like reading.

Across the UK, there are community trusts and charities who provide essential services to support the nation’s health and well-being – from gyms to leisure centres, from libraries to theatres – you name it, they provide it.

Why use a trust or charity?

Importantly, community trusts and charities don’t have shareholders demanding a share of the profits – whatever they make, they reinvest back into the facilities they offer or into projects for the community; your community.

Now more than ever we should pull together to support these services. So why not get back to doing what you love and support your community at the same time?

Our Community hub

The community active hub is the perfect place fo you and your friends and family to find things you love to do (as well as things you have always wanted to try)! With trusts and charities from across the UK, you will find something to do, close to your home.

Just simply search for local trust or charities or you can also search for the activity that you would like to do. The hub will then find new and exciting places to go and new things to do at a local trust/charity operated facility close to you.

You will feel part of the community and will be getting back to doing what you love; all the time whilst supporting your community. You could say it’s a win-win and after all, we’re all in this together aren’t we?