Newport Live can’t wait to welcome you back

We cannot wait to welcome you back to Newport Live!

Whatever your age, gender, goals, or ability, Newport Live wants you to be happier and healthier. Our charitable trust is here to support and motivate you to reach your health and wellbeing goals.

Since we’ve been closed, depending on your levels of physical activity, your goals, health, and fitness levels may have changed. Our Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Manager Bryony has some top tips to help you with returning to the gym.

Take it Steady!

Whether you’ve been taking part in online workouts in your living room, exercising outdoors or haven’t exercised at all, your fitness levels may have changed slightly compared to when you last visited the gym. For the first couple of weeks keep it steady!

Book a Health Check

In May we are offering everyone a FREE Health Check!

Having general awareness about your health is essential as it aids goal setting and helps you to monitor your progress.

A Health Check is an excellent opportunity to find out some interesting biometrics! Our body analysers can take measurements using via bio-electrical independence such as weight, BMI, body fat % and distribution, visceral fat (fat around internal organs), muscle mass & distribution, hydration levels and bone density. These measurements are automatically uploaded onto Newport Live Healthy & Active App enabling you to keep track of your health status and manage your training programme.

Health checks can be booked online and via the Newport Live App under ‘book activities’ which is located under ‘gym support’ or by calling 01633 656757.

Book a Programme!

Our Level 3 qualified personal trainers are always on hand for you to get the most out of your fitness membership from planning your aims and goals, to getting ideas for meal planning and reviewing your health check. Remember this service is at no extra cost to members.

Keep it Simple to Start!

If you are starting back with resistance training (i.e. weights) try compound training, working multiple muscles groups at the same time. Why not try doing some squats, press ups, rows, and pull downs. It will help you to gradually increase your strength and fire up the nervous system before you move onto drop sets!

Prepare For Your Session

Pre workout grub depends on the type of training you do! Wholegrains, fruits, and vegetables are good sources of energy to be eaten throughout the day. The longer the session the more carbohydrate you need. Keep your glycogen stores up. Make sure you are fully hydrated and have your favourite water bottle to go. Oh, and don’t forget your headphones, gym towel and Newport Live card! Finally replenish your workout with some protein to help your muscles repair.

Don’t Overdo It!

Remember rest is a key part of your training plan. Whilst we LOVE your enthusiasm doing too much too soon could result in an injury! Keep your workouts to a maximum of one hour, and listen to your body if you feel fatigued, achy, or tired then stop exercising as you can risk yourself an injury. Active recovery such as walking, or swimming is also a great way to keep moving but don’t forget to rest achy legs so you can do more tomorrow.

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