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    About the Trust

    Tonbridge & Malling Leisure Trust (TMLT) is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation responsible for the delivery of sport and leisure facilities on behalf of Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council. The partnership agreement between the Council and the Trust, operation from 1 November 2013, means that residents and visitors can continue to enjoy high quality, value-for-money services as well as look forward to new investment in services in the future. The Trust operates the following facilities:

    - Larkfield Leisure Centre
    - Angel Centre
    - Tonbridge Swimming Pool
    - Poult Wood Golf Course
    - The Games Hut at Tonbridge Racecourse Sportsground
    - Bookings for sports pitches in Tonbridge

    Our vision is simple - 'more people, more active, more often.' This is what the Trust is all about; ensuring all sections of the community can take part in sport or regular physical activity at an affordable price. As a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus that we generate is reinvested back into the facilities we operate to develop even better facilities and services for residents and visitors to enjoy.

    The Trust is governed by a board of 11 Trusties made up of 8 community Trustees; two serving borough councillors; and a member of staff for the Trust. The trustees offer an impressive range of experience and knowledge from a variety of sectors, including accountancy, education, business, human resources and IT.

    Customer Charter
    As a promise to our customers, we display our Customer Charter at each site. The Customer Charter describes how we will achieve our aim of providing a high quality service.  At all Tonbridge & Malling Leisure Trust's facilities we aim to:

    - Provide high quality, cost effective services
    - Respond to our customer needs and listen to their views
    - Provide premises which are clean and safe
    - Provide customer friendly service
    - Actively encourage a healthier lifestyles for all our residents
    - Work in partnership with others to provide a wide range of activities
    - Invest in our facilities to improve and upgrade services
    - Implement environmentally friendly practices

    Our Vision
    Tonbridge & Malling Leisure Trust's vision is 'more people, more active, more often.'

    Our Mission
    Our Mission is to provide a clean, safe and happy leisure experience on an inclusive basis to residents and visitors to Tonbridge and Malling for the benefit of their health and social well being. We will achieve this in a sustainable way through excellence in our people, policies and practice.

    Our Values
    - Leadership: we will aim to influence positively the community, our customers and staff to provide and benefit from sport and recreational facilities operated by the Trust.
    - Integrity: we will act consistently, honestly and transparently in our dealings with partners, customers, staff and all other stakeholders.
    - Innovation: we will explore the introduction of new products and services, driven by technology and ideas for the benefit of customers and staff.
    - Continuous Improvement: we will strive to continuously improve in all we do and deliver using Quest as the industry benchmark to measure our improvement.
    - Accessibility: in designing and delivering our facilities and services we will take account of the needs of the whole community.
    - Customer Focus: we will place the customer at the heart of the design and delivery of our facilities and services. We will respond to customer complaint in a positive and proactive manner.
    - Teamwork: we will work with partners, stakeholders, customers and staff to achieve common goals in the best interests of all parties. We will be tough on problems but soft on people.
    - Professionalism: we will base our business upon learning, adoption of best practice and reliably delivering to a high standard.
    - Environmental Awareness: we will proactively seek to minimise the impact on the environment of the facilities we manage and the services we deliver.

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