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    About the Trust

    As a Charitable Trust our mission is to provide an extraordinary range of cultural, leisure and health related facilities and services that allow local people to live a great life.

    We will develop and sustain a thriving and successful culture and leisure business that encourages innovation and expansion to maximise opportunities for our local community.

    Any profits we make are re-invested to continually develop and improve services for the people of East Lindsey.

    Magna Vitae is a Partner to East Lindsey District Council.

    Magna Vitae operate the following facilities:

    Altitude44, Skegness
    Embassy Theatre, Skegness
    Horncastle Pool & Fitness Suite
    London Road Pavilion, Louth
    Meridian Leisure Centre, Louth
    Skegness Pool & Fitness Suite
    Station Sports Centre, Mablethorpe
    Cafe Magna, Skegness