Highland call the tune for online music tuition

High Life Highland music instructors have been leading the way in Scotland during the current pandemic by continuing to teach & engage with pupils across the area using online methods.

Many HLH music instructors were already using some online tools and innovative technology for teaching and supporting pupils prior to the onset of Covid-19 as part of the teaching style in Highland where pupils are dispersed across a wide geographic area – but very much as a small part of their teaching.
When the lockdown started, instructors immediately focussed on developing and improving the approach by uploading additional materials and building upon their own skills in using the GSuite range of services (including secure ways to share live video). This means instructors were quickly able to continue to offer a variety of ways to teach pupils, continuing the planned programme of tuition for most pupils.
Lessons have been delivered using one of three options:

  • Meeting in real time, accessing GSuite ‘Meets’, using live video
  • Videos captured by pupils, emailed to instructors for their comments and instructions
  • Digital materials uploaded by instructors to GSuite’s Classroom for use by one or more

Steve Walsh, High Life Highland’s Chief Executive said: “We’re incredibly fortunate that working with our partners in The Highland Council, we had already developed the infrastructure to work in this way. Since the lockdown our instructors have put a great deal of work into honing their own skills in using the online tools to benefit our many pupils across the area.”

“Our HLH instructors have embraced the technology to engage with a growing number of pupils and it is so reassuring to hear that after being in touch with colleagues elsewhere in Scotland, we have led the way in delivering online music tuition in this way during this unprecedented period.

“Feedback from parents has been incredibly positive, with many commenting on how much they have appreciated the opportunity for their child to have a different way to learn from home. Some parents have also highlighted the positive effect for pupils of having social contact with their instructor and fellow pupils during the lockdown period.”

High Life Highland is a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland No. SC407011 and is a registered Scottish charity No. SC042593.

As part of the approach to music tuition online, some HLH music instructors have also maintained group teaching, meaning that pupils have kept in touch with others with whom they usually share lessons at school. Our ‘band classes’ at Inverlochy Primary, Fort William have
also met weekly. This has allowed an additional element of social contact to be included for pupils who might otherwise have felt socially isolated.